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Greene Park Capital Invests in Rezilient Health

Chicago, May 13, 2024 -- Greene Park Capital, a Chicago-based healthcare real estate investment firm, has announced an equity investment in Rezilient Health, where it will create, build and execute their entry into senior living communities.


“Rezilient’s platform combines telehealth with in-clinic visits that aligns with Greene Park’s view that the future of healthcare delivery will stress accessibility and convenience by using a decentralized model that focuses on preventive care,” Greene Park Capital Founder, and Managing Director Carrie Hiebeler said. “Now Rezilient, which combines the ease of telehealth with the broad scope of in-person care, is taking its retail model to the next level by moving its on-site offices, called Cloud Clinics, into senior living communities, where Greene Park Capital will be their exclusive advisor.”

Hiebeler sees enormous opportunity in this strategy.

“More than half of the residents in senior living communities are over 85 and that is also the cohort with the greatest healthcare expenses,” she explained. “By putting Rezilient’s Cloud Clinics into senior care communities, we can provide telehealth care to residents and employees conveniently and with the least amount of disruption. This is especially important for seniors who often have frequent medical visits but find it burdensome to travel to them.”

Senior living communities will have Rezilient Cloud Clinics, which are physically staffed by nurses and technicians, on site with telehealth access to doctors and specialists from around the country.

“Seniors will find it easy and convenient to stay on top of important things like their vitals and pharmacy needs, but also have a way to monitor and seek treatment for their more complex healthcare needs,” Hiebeler added.


About Greene Park Capital

Greene Park Capital and its European business Greene Park Capital Europe, is a global healthcare real estate investment firm focused on the future of healthcare delivery. By making strategic, specialized real estate investments and utilizing active asset management to enhance value, Greene Park is well-positioned to drive value for investors and healthcare partners. Additional information can be found at

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